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Vishnupur Union Parishad, situated at 8 places, is standing in the 9th of the village standing on his own day. He is running at his own pace with education, culture, religious observance and sports.


A) Name-8 Union Parishad of Nishbasurupur.

B) Size-4,412 square meter:

C) Population: 16, 67 people

D) Number of villages: 9

E) Number of mules: 08

F) No. of hat / market -03

G) Communication from the upazila - CNG, through

H) Literacy rate: 82% (according to 2001 census)

I) Number of government primary schools - 8

J) Number of non-government primary schools - 1

T) High school - 4

D) Madrasah-1

N) Chairman - Mohammad Jamal Uddin Bhuiyan;

N) Important religious places - 30 and Mt. 9.

E) Historical tourist place -1

Th) The establishment of new building in UP: year 2009

D) First meeting date: 11-08-26



D) Name of the villages

Bishnupur, Dulalpur, Speakeramura, Chhatarpur, Ghanshyampur, Maheshpur, Kalachara, Iktali

N) Manpower of Union Parishad

  Members of the elected council: 13 people

  Union Council Secretary: 1

  Union rural police: 10 people